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At Sky Solutions we pride ourselves on providing the customer with intelligent, optimal and economical solutions for 3D mapping, modeling and supervision.



We have a variety of UAV platforms to produce:

Aerial images


Contours and topographic maps

Digital Terrain Modeling (DTM)

Digital Surface Modeling (DSM)


Nubes de Puntos 

3D Models


Every project is with high resolution for an endless number of applications depending on the client's need.

We have different specific unmanned aerial equipment for each mission.

The compact equipment that we handle allows us to easily transport it anywhere in the world.


  • Faster.

  • Low cost.

  • Higher resolution.

  • Compatibility of data with various programs.




Monitoring of progress by monthly, or weekly. Creating progress compared to optimize time and coordinate to the work schedule,

Fotogrametria en construccion de edificio



It allows obtaining m2, area, number of levels and an aerial view of the construction so that it can be compared with the current cadastre and find discrepancies.

Imagen aerea para control de catastro

Civil Protection


It allows to evaluate the level of disaster suffered by a site or construction in order to decide when it is safe for human personnel to help the situation.

Supervicion de desastres naturales usando Drone E384



It allows to document the archaeological area where the remains were found and thus maintain a strict control of the site for its preservation.

Mapeo de fotogrametria aerea en Ruinas



Obtaining contours to generate exportable topographic maps to construction programs to assemble exact construction models. Generate soil studies and simulations.

Nube de puntos de trazo para carretera



Combination of real terrain data with virtual render to generate budgets with less error number, generate 3D models of facades.

Fotografia aerea usando DJI


It allows to monitor and evaluate by a photo or video the current state of the vegetation, it works by a color code that allows to easily identify the problem areas of the parts to be treated.

Fotografia aerea de agricultura de precision usando E384



Volumetric calculations of different materials ampilations are obtained.

Medicion de areas y volumenes mediante fotogrametria

Conservation of natural areas


It allows to monitor large natural areas to detect type of flora, illegal logging, pests and possible fires.

Conteo de arboles para prevencion de tala usando el Drone E384
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