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Long Battery Life Li-Ion13,200 MAh

Long Battery Life Li-Ion13,200 MAh

The power bank or external batteries have different capacities that are measured in mAh (milliamp per hour) which is a unit of measurement used to measure the accumulated electric charge in a certain period of time. It is normally used to indicate the maximum load capacity that a battery can store at one time. A higher capacity in mAh means that you can charge devices with a higher power consumption and / or charge an appliance for a longer time.


This battery weighs only 164g more than the standard 8,000Mah LiPo battery, but can power an SS-100 or E384 with QX1 camera for an impressive 110-minute cartography time. That's enough to cover 850 Hectares (or 2100 acres) at 5cm / pixel. It can be charged with a standard Li-Po charger. SS-100 or E384.

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